Writing in Red: Sweet and Sour, Soft and Crunchy

As a holiday centered around the warm and fuzzy feelings of undying love and affection, Valentine’s Day could not have a colder place on the calendar. Buried deep within the dreary slushfest that is February, this Valentine’s Day finds droves of lovers with hearts aflame scurrying about in the snow to buy flowers, cards, and chocolate to impress their significant others. The rest of the population, meanwhile, will try to stifle a strange feeling of jealousy by shoveling in another mouthful of word-riddled candy: Kiss Me. Call Me. Tweet Me. Maybe Tonight. The annual return of the strangest breed of holiday candy, conversation hearts, embodies the “sugarcoated” concepts of by this bizarre holiday.

Perhaps more than any other holiday, Valentine’s Day conjures up a wide variety of emotions. This makes sense considering that Valentine’s Day celebrates love–a mysterious, elusive, and often confusing concept.

Today’s imagery-based writing prompt is to take on the range of emotions that Valentine’s Day conjures up — the good and the bad — and attempts to make the ethereal fluff into something concrete and tactile. Instead of a holiday based on the abstract, make this day and all it represents into something you can feel, smell, and taste.

Take as many of the emotions and ideas associated with Valentine’s Day as you can and translate them into different kinds of Valentine’s “stuff.” Use items, such as a box of chocolates, a dozen red roses, conversation hearts, a card, a lollipop, cupid and his bow and arrow, etc.