Embrace The Change (Of Season)

I’ve started sleeping with the windows closed, and since I’m the kind of guy who enjoys a gentle breeze, that can only mean one thing: fall has arrived. But I know it won’t be here for long. Fall always occupies a short gap between a hot, humid summer that stretches too long and a bone-chilling winter that comes too soon. For a brief window of time, however, the world finds a perfect balance, even if the nights are too chilly to keep the windows open. The trees blaze with color, the air smells crisp, and even the sunlight turns a radiant shade of gold. I have to remember to enjoy it while it lasts, because soon enough the balance will tip, and the autumnal magic will be gone.

For me, fall is all about things changing. It has a nostalgic, bittersweet beauty, as if nature were putting on one last display before fading away under a blanket of winter snow. As a season, it comes and goes very quickly. It’s a reminder that life, too is continually changing, no matter how much we want things to stay the same.

Today’s prompt is a meditation on transience. Write a story in which you or your character has a brief passing interaction with something beautiful. What is it like? How does he or she react to the experience?