Leave Your Mark (Without Getting Paint On Your Fingers)

To the disappointment of graffiti enthusiasts everywhere, it was announced in October that 5 Pointz, a longstanding graffiti art community in Queens, will be demolished and replaced with high-rise apartments. The Huffington Post calls the brightly-painted building complex “a veritable museum of New York’s graffiti culture,” and the 5 Pointz official website boasts that the complex has attracted artists “from across the world.” Yet New York’s status as a graffiti hot spot hasn’t diminished, despite the unfortunate demise of 5 Pointz. Over course of the past month, for example, a certain street artist from across the pond has been making the Big Apple his canvas: the ever-elusive Banksy.

Banksy fans have been scurrying all over the city to find his latest works, and collectors have been scrambling to protect and purchase them. He’s known for creating stenciled works that take on provocative issues, such as class differences and censorship. He recently unveiled the piece below in the Bronx.


As the piece demonstrates, graffiti is an especially powerful art form because of its location–out on the street, for everyone to see. For today’s prompt, write a scene in which you or your character leaves a message–with a picture, with text, or in any way you can imagine–in a public place. What does he or she have to say to the world?