Friday 5: Five Steps to Standing Up to the Stigma of Mental Illness

Recently, a shooting in the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington D.C. took the media’s center stage. Gripping the country in the whirlwind of debate about gun control, that is, until the words “mentally ill” and “hearing voices” were sprinkled on top of this story.  Mostly, mental illness is simply an extra fact that seems to […]

Friday 5: Lessons in Panama

We all want to change the world, make our mark, achieve our goals, and of course, succeed at it, and yet, not everyone pursues such a path.  However, for some, the path to that is focusing their time and energy on manifesting social change/projects. This summer, I set out to join two friends on an […]

Friday 5 – What Your Hands Say

Hands, like their owners, come in all shapes and sizes. With their past and present written all over them, details like age, degree of hygiene, bad habits, and even fashion sense to the most important testaments of experiences like scars, and the work of a lifetime.  When you think about it, your hands do a […]