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Book Launch: All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps

A trumpet player from St. Louis meets a tall, shy bowler in the college cafe. A single dad rediscovers his passion for older women, or at least for one older woman in particular. High school sweethearts reunite after two separate marriages, divorce and death, six children, and a three-month courtship twenty-five years later. These are […]

Jennifer Egan: Failure, as inspiration

In the second installment on the ongoing series about creativity, profiles Jennifer Egan, the  Pulitzer Prize winning author of “A Visit From the Goon Squad.” We love Jennifer Egan here at NYWC, not just because she is a brilliant writer (one of the best of our generation, we think), but because she is a […]

Nobel Prize for Reading

This prompt uses a poem entitled “The Nobel Prize,” by Chilean writer and mathematician Nicanor Parra (who Roberto Bolaño called “the greatest living poet in the Spanish language.”) “The Nobel Prize” comes from a collection of Parra’s poetry called Antipoems: How to Look Better & Feel Great (which my wife recently gave to me on the occasion of my […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Edith Wharton Glow Extenders

This week marks the 150th anniversary of Edith Wharton’s birth. If you don’t want to celebrate with haberdashery romps and Grace Church galas (how could you not, though!?!), here’s another way: honor the New York dame by checking out the fantastic Gotham City women writers who came after her. Here is a starting list of […]

inter-book club

Nine women are sitting on floral couches and wooden chairs drinking tea and eating cookies. They are chatting about politics, love, family, trauma and hope. This could be any group of women anywhere, but this group is special because it consists of a diverse ethnic group of women, including several Muslim women who live in […]

Meet Dave Hill, our Red & Black Romeo

by Shaina Feinberg You’ve probably heard all the rumors about comedian Dave Hill being a special guest at the Red & Black Party. Well, it’s not a rumor, it’s true. He will be entertaining all of us Red & Black party-goers with stories of love and romance and other tragic tales. And until you can […]

Book Review: Running the Rift

This week’s book review was contributed by Deborah Clearman, whose novel, Todos Santos, came out in 2010 from Black Lawrence Press. She is Program Director of NY Writers Coalition and leads creative writing workshops for women in jail on Rikers Island. If, despite good intentions,  you’ve always had trouble telling the Tutsis (tall, skinny, herders of cattle and goats) […]

Great First Lines

This prompt is one of my favorites, and one I’ve found to be incredibly effective while writing on my own or in a group. How it works is you choose seven opening sentences from short stories or novels and type them on a single page, numbering them from one to seven. Once you have your […]

Friday 5: Top Five Movies Gettin’ Meta with Books

Welcome to the Friday 5! Each week Friday 5 will feature a writing-related list of top fives meant to trigger fantastic creative ideas, support ongoing writing processes and/or smiles. This week’s Friday 5 is:

social justice instigators

The social justice blog of  NY Writers Coalition (NYWC)  features interviews, postings on issues, event write-ups, organization profiles and photos that encourage voice and equality for all. We will cover topics that are important to NYWC, including race and gender equality, education reform, prison reform, LGBT issues, veterans issues, community building, immigrants’ rights and reforms, […]