10 Years and all we get is tin?

We tried and tried to come up with some gimmick to promote 10 years  of NYWC using the 10th Anniversary: tin.  I took the foil off the rabbit ears of my Philco TV set (I am old-school) and made an excellent tin foil hat, but everyone told me that was not the image we wanted to convey.  I got a whole bunch of tin pie plates and wrote poems in glue on them, then sprinkled them with glitter.  Too pre-school I was told.  I was like, no one in pre-school uses enjambment as artfully as me, but no dice.  I started making an enormous (well, maybe not that enormous)  Reynolds Wrap Ball, but we had pizza at a meeting and needed it for the leftovers. Finally I did something I have rarely done at NYWC.  I gave up.  Tin is just way too dull and crinkly to reflect (ducwidt?) the meaning of the first 10 years of NYWC.  So instead, we decided to keep doing what we always do; get people writing, have fun, and celebrate the voices of community writing in all their diverse and beautiful ways.  But with some new chances for everyone to write and celebrate with us So below is a list of what is up at NYWC this year.  A lot is new, some are familiar, and one thing is for sure:  no matter what we won’t be foiled in our efforts.  (before you groan, you try to make tin foil relevant to what we do.  Not so easy, is it?) Aaron Zimmerman, NYWC Founder/Executive Director


Write with us in 2012!

Open Workshop in Fort Greene
For the first time ever, we are offering a drop-in workshop on Wednesday afternoons.  Come by and write with us whenever you want! The suggested donation is $10 but no one will be turned away. Led by Patrick Mathieu and Kimberly Shelby-Szysko.

NYWC Day, May 18!
10 free workshops in 10 public spaces all over New York City. More details will be announced soon!

Gramercy Park writing workshops!
Tuesday nights, led by Margaret Lubalin. Coming this spring

NYWC Write-A-Thon! — June 9! Write Your A** off with us! A marathon day of writing, workshops, special guests and community.  Save the date!

Fort Greene Park Summer Youth Workshops!
Free Saturday outdoor workshops for young people aged 7-18. Registration begins June 11 and workshops begin July 7.

Fall Writing Retreat in New Orleans!
Dates to be announced, email aaron@nywriterscoalition.org for more information.

Celebrate Community Writing in 2012!

Red and Black Party

Monday, February 13. Spin the roulette wheel and raise your martinis to love’s swooning, two-faced, delusional heart.

The Narrator!  Our new blog! You are reading it right now.
The Narrator focuses on topics important to the NYWC community of writers and activists, such as race and gender equality, education and prison reform, LGBT issues, homelessness, rights of the disabled, veterans’ issues and immigrants’ rights. Each week, The Narrator will feature art and literary reviews, a profile of a social activist, inspirational ideas for writers, and original creative writing prompts to use on your own or while writing in groups.

NYWC Podcast!  Launches January 31!
Our new podcast brings the voices of NYWC off the page and into your ears!  The podcast will feature the stories of our community, original poems and stories, and new music inspired by the writing of our workshop members.

Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival!  August 18!
The Lit Fest presents well-known, established writers reading alongside young writers from our summer Fort Greene Park workshops. The Lit Fest honors the power of the written word to build inclusiveness and give voice to the thoughts and experiences of everyone, not just the privileged and powerful. Past readers include Amiri Baraka, Jennifer Egan, Jhumpa Lahiri, Rick Moody, Gloria Naylor, Sapphire, Sonia Sanchez, Colson Whitehead and many others.

Writing Aloud Reading Series
The Writing Aloud quarterly reading series presents writers from the NYWC community reading alongside established and emerging writers.  Readings take place at Greenlight Bookstore, Jefferson Market Library, South Oxford Space and elsewhere.

Write Makes Might
Reflecting the rich diversity of NYC, Write Makes Might features a myriad of writers from our workshops with previously untapped talent: among them recent immigrants, at-risk teens, retired adults, the formerly incarcerated, the homeless, the disabled, survivors of serious illness, and many others. Coming in March.

The Write Stuff
Our annual youth marathon reading featuring young writers 6-18 years of age from NYWC youth workshops sharing one stage. Coming in December.

Dig Deep
Our online literary journal featuring the moving and brilliant stories and poems of our workshop members, with some special guest contributors.

NYWC 10th Anniversary Literary Jamboree!
A blowout party near the end of the year celebrating the first decade of NYWC’s community. Filled with special celebrity guests, live music, and the most beautiful people you have ever seen in one place, we will party and hyperbolize like only we can.  Not to be missed by anyone on Earth.