Everyone really does have a story — it is part of your brain!

One of the phrases we have been using for years is Everyone Has A Story.  We think about it in the context of creative writing, and having a voice in our world no matter who you are. It turns out that story is actually hard wired into our brains and if you watch the video, you will hear that we all have a Narrator in our heads. It’s kind of mindblowing to think about the power of story and how we construct narratives of everything.


Your Storytelling Brain | Think Tank | Big Think.

“Cognitive Neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga, a pioneer in the study of hemispheric (left vs. right brain) specialization describes “the Interpreter” – a left hemisphere function that organizes our memories into plausible stories. Less romantic, perhaps, than Gone With the Wind, the Interpreter may help to explain our species’ profound relationship with storytelling.”


  1. did a search for romance writing prompts, as well as creative writing prompts. Me thinks I need to get back to journaling, mayb blogging 2.