Friday 5: Top Five Movies Gettin’ Meta with Books

Welcome to the Friday 5! Each week Friday 5 will feature a writing-related list of top fives meant to trigger fantastic creative ideas, support ongoing writing processes and/or smiles. This week’s Friday 5 is:

 Top Five Movies Gettin’ Meta with Books

John Laroche: Who's gonna play me? Susan Orlean: Well, I've gotta write the book first, John. Then, you know, they get somebody to write the screenplay. John Laroche: Hey, I think I should play me.

  1. Midnight in Paris
  2. Adaptation*
  3. Little Women
  4. Shakespeare in Love
  5. Stranger than Fiction

Can you think of more?  Bring ’em on in the comments. And for an extra bonus point round, be super meta and write a piece about a character obsessed with a movie that’s obsessed with books. Then watch the alternative awards and indie credetials roll in.

*Okay, technically Adaptation is about a screenwriter, but we’re throwing it in since it is so incredibly meta we couldn’t make it through a post without mentioning it. And mentioning ourselves mentioning it. And…

BTW: If you would like to submit a writing-related list of top fives, we’ll take those too – just email Cait your enumerated ideas at



  1. Nancy Weber says

    The Jane Austen Book Club.

  2. Wonder Boys
    Henry Fool