Jennifer Egan: Failure, as inspiration

In the second installment on the ongoing series about creativity, profiles Jennifer Egan, the  Pulitzer Prize winning author of “A Visit From the Goon Squad.” We love Jennifer Egan here at NYWC, not just because she is a brilliant writer (one of the best of our generation, we think), but because she is a wonderful person.  Jennifer is our Fort Greene neighbor, and she appeared at our 2007 Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival. She also contributed to the NYWC publication  “Making the Trees Shiver: An Anthology of the First Six Years of the Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival” which was released this past fall.  In the post, Jennifer discusses her process of multiple revisions, and other exhausting aspects of being a writer. There’s a great bit about how she felt like a failure after her first piece was published in the New Yorker. Read the full post in about Jennifer Egan here.

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  1. Loved that quote she mentiones “if you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying hard enough.”