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10 Years and all we get is tin?

We tried and tried to come up with some gimmick to promote 10 years  of NYWC using the 10th Anniversary: tin.  I took the foil off the rabbit ears of my Philco TV set (I am old-school) and made an excellent tin foil hat, but everyone told me that was not the image we wanted […]

The Arts Post-MLK

Welcome to Day 2 of The Narrator’s inaugural week! On Tuesdays,  you’ll find our fun and informative take on the Arts — literature, film, visual arts, to name a few. Many of us return to work this morning after the Martin Luther King holiday. For some, the commemoration of Dr. King’s birthday was one of reflection […]

Everyone really does have a story — it is part of your brain!

One of the phrases we have been using for years is Everyone Has A Story.  We think about it in the context of creative writing, and having a voice in our world no matter who you are. It turns out that story is actually hard wired into our brains and if you watch the video, […]

Photos from “American Edge”

Often, the most difficult aspect of writing is where to begin: What should I write about? Who should I write about? What’ll be my first sentence? My first word? These are questions that even experienced writers several books into their careers struggle with. And they’re questions this blog aims to address each Monday (beginning today) […]

Welcome to The Narrator

Just a few weeks before his death, Martin Luther King Jr. gave his remarkable “The Other America” speech at a high school in Grosse Point, Michigan. While outright condemning the use of violence as way to achieve social change, Dr. King offered in this speech an explanation for the violent protests of that time: “A riot is […]