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Postcards From You!

We recently posted an interview with our very own and very charming Jaclyn Perlmutter, who leads our writing workshop for women incarcerated in Bayview Correctional Facility. Jaclyn asked readers of The Narrator to help her by sending in postcards she could bring to Bayview to inspire writing.  We got a whole bunch of very cool […]

Theater Review: Katori Hall’s Hurt Village

Michele Gilliam brings The Narrator’s first theater review! Michele is a former NY Writers Coalition intern and continues to volunteer for the organization.  She’s also a budding playwright, a blogger, and a Facebook-status-updater. Often discussed in a sociological context, poverty is a distant phenomenon for many of us.  It is what we critique in our college […]

Party in Paris

I find one of the more difficult things to describe on the page to be a party or other type of gathering where there are scores of people simultaneously engaged in various activities such as eating, drinking, talking, walking, smoking, dancing, slipping, falling, singing, listening, standing, watching, wandering, wallowing, etc. And so, quite often, as […]

Oscar Week Friday 5: Top Five Adapted Screenplay Winners

I have a lot of respect for the brave souls who attempt to strike crossover gold on the silver screen — and a little bit of envy for producers whose job it is to pore over novels, plays, and comic books and watch hours of television in search of that next box office hit. Although […]

Oscar throwback: Sacheen Littlefeather

Remember her? Sacheen Littlefeather caused a crapstorm of controversy in 1973 when she declined the Best Actor Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando at the 45th Annual Academy Awards. Brando had won for his portrayal of Vito Corleone in The Godfather – one of the most iconic performances in movie history, and to protest the […]

AWP Conference: Come see us in Chicago!

If you plan on attending the AWP Conference in Chicago next week  drop by the Astoria Room at the Hilton Chicago between 4:30 and 5:45 pm on March 1 and check out the NYWC panel that I’m moderating. It’s called “Empowering At-Risk and Under-Served Populations through Creative Writing” and will explore working with a broad […]

Oscar Week: Looking forward with DuVernay & Davis

It’s Oscar Week here on The Narrator, but instead of pretending like I’ve seen every Best Picture nominee this year (as of two weeks ago, I’ve only seen four), I prefer to look towards next year’s nominations. I’ll take my cue from the 2012 Sundance Film Festival: Just in time for Black History Month, California […]

Adding Lynchian Texture

This morning, while trying to come up with an Academy Award-related writing prompt, I went to my bookshelf in search of Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer and instead found Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity, a book written by the great American film director David Lynch. CtBF, which I recommend to anyone interested in […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Dead Presidents Tales

Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe – take your pick, we’re celebrating them all this Monday. You could do some serious cramming before the weekend, suss out who was Mexican American War and who was Spanish American War (Polk and McKinley), who was Ole Buck and who was Tippecanoe (Buchanan and the elder Harrison), who built the […]

crossing borders

What do you do when… a child asks a sudden, challenging question about race?…you overhear your child using racial language on the playground? How can we address issues of race, class and power in our children’s own lived experiences? Find the words and share your experiences with Border Crossers new roundtable discussion series. Border Crossers’ […]