BETTY: The Workshop Series

This past weekend was truly a dramatic one in the world of pop music. We had the loss of Whitney Houston — and the resulting frenzy on the interwebs. For the first time in a decade, folks were actually excited to catch the Grammy Awards, if anything, just to see the Memorium segment. And Adele’s “rubbish relationship” served her well, when she walked away with six Grammy awards for an album dedicated to love gone wrong.

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Let’s take the drama down a notch and get back to the music, in its simplest, purest, funnest form. Let’s go there with pop-rock Betty.

Fronted by Alyson Palmer (vocals, bass) and sisters Elizabeth (vocals, guitar) and Amy Ziff (vocals, cello), Betty’s a bit of a girl-power ensemble, boasting sweet harmonies and clever lyrics layered over infectious beats that would even make Timbaland smack himself. The band is based in NYC but perform live shows all over the world, and this week, Betty invites you to join them at the 92Y in Tribeca.

Part of the 92Y’s ongoing workshop series, “a program of new music, ideas and discovery in the arts,” you’ll get the chance to be part of Betty’s creation process, as they pick songs for their new album and prepare for an upcoming European tour this spring. Your feedback is part of the experience, and when else would we get to feel so important? Creating A-R-T!

Be there! Create with Betty at the 92Y in Tribeca Mainstage (220 Hudson, Manhattan) this Thursday, February 16. Click here for tickets.