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Red & Black Love Hangover

I seriously loved the Red & Black party this year! It was amazing to see everyone dressed in their Red & Black fineness. Aaron Zimmerman wore a tuxedo (I have pics), and the Narrator’s very own Friday 5 Editor Cait Weiss looked like a sublime Valentine confection in a red sparkledress! The food was gorgeous, […]

Q and A with NYWC’s Jaclyn Perlmutter! And send her postcards to inspire writing by incarcerated women!

I have always been struck by how smart, dedicated and caring our workshop leader Jaclyn Perlmutter is.  She is constantly thinking of new ways to engage the women in her workshop and provide them with a great workshop.  She is sensitive and thoughtful, and we are quite lucky to have her work with us, as […]

BETTY: The Workshop Series

This past weekend was truly a dramatic one in the world of pop music. We had the loss of Whitney Houston — and the resulting frenzy on the interwebs. For the first time in a decade, folks were actually excited to catch the Grammy Awards, if anything, just to see the Memorium segment. And Adele’s […]

Love, War, Courage, and Writing

Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried is not only an amazing book of stories about love and war, Vietnam and death, friendship and courage, but also the best collection I’ve come across about why we write stories, how to write them, and their effects on writers and readers. In other words, its both fiction masterpiece […]

Congrats to Tamiko Beyer, winner of the 2011 Kinereth Gensler Award!

Longtime NYWC workshop leader and fabulous poet Tamiko Beyer won a 2011 Kinereth Gensler Award from Alice James Books!  Her book, We Come Elemental, will be published in 2013.  Tamiko also will receive $2,000 and will become a member of the Alice James Books Poetry Cooperative Board. Read poems from Tamiko’s book bough breaks in Paper Bag. And here’s an […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Poetic Forms Tough Enough to Take Your Love

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve got to say it: Love hurts. Love unleashed via blank verse hurts even more – no rules, no end in sight, no reason, and, most often, not even a little bit of rhyme… What’s an emotionally communicative (but results-oriented) writer to do? Continue stanza after stanza of “daffodils / […]

emotive fruition: A Radical Poetry Reading

One of the best things about being an artist in NYC are the multiple opportunities you get, in every borough any day of the week, to speak your piece and put your soul into the universe. Performances happen everywhere — from the most revered of halls to the street corner and subway — and there’s […]

Novel writing classes for Chicago cops

This NY Times article caught my eye for quite a few reasons. My first thought, as a nonprofit ED of a community writing organization that provides hundreds of writing workshops for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, was to wonder why NYWC has such a hard time getting journalists to cover our work.  Here’s one workshop […]

create collective

On a Wednesday night, after an hour of exercise, energetic and determined women living with diabetes or other health concerns come together to write. They are amidst a 24-week cycle of a program called Start Your Engine, investing in nutrition and fitness education for women.  Founder Anastasia Holmes explains her approach. “After struggling with health […]

Sketchy: American Candy turns 21

Personal disclaimer: I’m a TV junkie who will likely never write the next great American novel because I’m too busy mulling over Mer and Der’s post-it marriage and the 1960s girl power of Peggy and Joan. My latest obsession is the supposed return of In Living Color, the beloved sketch comedy showcase that FOX spit […]