Postcards From You!

We recently posted an interview with our very own and very charming Jaclyn Perlmutter, who leads our writing workshop for women incarcerated in Bayview Correctional Facility.

Jaclyn asked readers of The Narrator to help her by sending in postcards she could bring to Bayview to inspire writing.  We got a whole bunch of very cool postcards (including some from my father — thanks Dad!), so thanks for sending them in!  Feel free to keep them coming!

I thought it would be fun to share a small sampling of the postcards here so everyone could use them for inspiration.  It is a simple exercise.  Just scroll through the photos of the cards, pick one or more that catch your attention for any reason, and then write.  You could describe a card, write in the voice of anyone in one or more of the cards, pick an image that speaks to you, or write anything else that comes to you.  I have conveniently placed the read more thingee here so that you can click it when you are ready to try the prompt so I don’t ruin the surprise.  


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