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the power of story in social change: amy braunschweiger

Amy Braunschweiger is the Web Communications Manager for Human Rights Watch, where she is responsible for the organization’s electronic newsletter communications, and helps oversee its website and social media. Previously, Amy worked as a freelance journalist, her articles appearing in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York and Village Voice, among other publications. […]

Theater Review: The Taming of the Shrew

As the close of Women’s History Month approaches, I thought I’d stoke the flames of female empowerment and know-how with a viewing of one hotly debated comment on misogyny: William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, currently in previews at The Duke on 42nd Street. To refresh your memory: When Kate (played here by Maggie […]

Studs in the Mirror

“Studs Lonigan, on the verge of fifteen, and wearing his first suit of long trousers, stood in the bathroom with a Sweet Caporal pasted on his mug. His hands were jammed in his trouser pockets, and he sneered. He puffed, drew the fag out of his mouth, inhaled and said to himself: Well, I’m kissin’ the […]

Friday 5: Top Five College Reads

I’m headed back to the ol’ alma mater tomorrow, and the trip has got me a little nostalgic. Not so much for the drinking games and cross-dressed grocery trips (Ohio winter is the mother of invention, not necessity) but for the books – books I might have never have thought to read on my own. […]

It’s Time NYC Takes Rape Seriously

It’s Time NYC Takes Rape Seriously  By Maureen Shaw Maureen Shaw is the founder of sherights and a contributing writer for Her writing has also appeared on, and Jezebel. You can catch her on Twitter at @MaureenShaw and @sherights. Growing up, we are taught that if you do something bad, you will […]

An Interior Life: Q&A with NYWC Veteran Artist Ann Quintano

Poet Geer Austin recently visited Midtown’s Prince George Gallery to catch up with with NY Writers Coalition workshop veteran Ann Quintano. Geer formerly led workshops for LGBT homeless youth at New Alternatives, Sylvia’s Place, and The Times Square-supported housing project. Ann Quintano lives in the Prince George, a hotel rehabilitated by Common Ground to provide permanent, affordable housing for […]

Bukowski’s Dream Girls

A few weeks ago, I used this prompt in a workshop I’d been leading for formerly incarcerated men and it produced some incredibly inspired writing. Perhaps not surprisingly, several of the pieces written in response to the prompt were similar in content (though not in form). Which leads me to believe the source of the […]

NYWC’s teen writer Najaya Royal on Bloomberg Radio

Najaya Royal and Angeline Keller talk about NYWC from NY Writers Coalition on Vimeo. Najaya Royal (see above interview from 2011 in NYWC’s offices), who has been writing with NYWC since she was 7 years old and is now a 9th Grader, will appear on Bloomberg Radio‘s “Honor Roll” tomorrow morning, Tuesday March 20th, between […]

Listen Up!

NY Writers Coalition is teaming up with the Manhattan New Music Project to create an incredible night of music and words!  This December, Listen Up! will pair our writers with MNMP’s lineup of incredible composers to create new commissioned musical works!  This will be yet another way for everyone to hear some of the amazing […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Tales o’ the Irish

When Irish eyes are smiling, big whoop – but when Irish pens are moving, that’s when you know you’re in for a treat. In honor of the upcoming holiday, this Friday 5 is devoted to my favorite works by Irish writers. You’ll see some of my picks are obvious, some are quirky, and some have […]