Skills Like Doc

This prompt is inspired by the beginning of Mach Madness as well as a magnificent piece of short fiction called “Doc’s Story” by John Edgar Wideman, the award-winning writer of God’s Gym and Hoop Roots (and captain of the University of Pennsylvania men’s basketball team in 1963). Wideman’s “Doc’s Story,” at least partially, focuses on a (mythical) basketball player who loses his sight but who still has mad skills on the court.



Here’s a short passage:

Doc been playing all his life. That’s why you could stand him on the foul line and point him at the hoop and more times than not, Doc could sink it. See he be remembering.

His muscles know just what to do. You get his feet aims right, line him up so he’s on target, and Doc would swish one for you. Was a game kinda. Sometimes you get a sucker and Doc win you some money. Swish. Then the cat lost the dough start crying. He ain’t blind. Can’t no blind man shoot no pill. Is you really blind, brother?

So, the prompt is this: Write a piece of prose or a poem about an athlete with a handicap who, like Doc, thrives despite his handicap.