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Playing the Blue Guitar

Wallace Stevens’ “The Man With the Blue Guitar,” a long, lyric poem published in 1937, was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist,” which Picasso painted in 1903 (during his blue period) and now hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago. Stevens’ poem, entirely arranged in couplets, begins like this:

Friday 5: Top 5 Proto-Tween Reads

I was a tween before we even knew what a tween was. I am just that old. And legit. There were no emo-stained growing-pained love-maimed vampires for me, just the usual full-blooded adult fare courtesy of Anne Rice or Bram Stoker, thankyouverymuch. Still, I managed to read books that rocked my mind into bliss, tapped […]

NYWC Day Preview: Lefferts Historic House

Cecilia Galarraga is a new NY Writers Coalition workshop leader.  She has just started leading the Imani House workshop at PS 282. As part of NYWC Day on May 18th, she will be leading a workshop at Lefferts Historic House in Prospect Park. Cecilia reported on the house’s own history and what it offers as a writing workshop. New York […]

keith haring: 1978-1982

The Brooklyn Museum fifth floor is famous for its rotating exhibits, often featuring artists of color or those who represent New York. The Keith Haring retrospective on view right now is a powerful reminder of the courage needed to represent an alternative lifestyle. As Keith Haring was gay and died of AIDS, he has become […]

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Geer Up! You’re in the home stretch!

It’s Day 24. Have you written your poem-a-day? Gone to three readings a week (all April-long)?  Have you shared your writing with the world this month? If not, no problem because there’s always May…and June…July, even. This week poet Geer Austin offers three online resources to keep fresh those writerly habits honed during National Poetry Month.   Poets on Twitter […]

Son of Sam Shepard

The great American playwright (and actor and poet and short story writer) Sam Shepard was born Samuel Shepard Rogers, a name he shares with his father. And in Shepard Jr.’s excellent 1982 collection of poems, stories, and reflections entitled Motel Chronicles he writes about, among many other things, how he and his father came to possess their names.

Friday 5: Top 5 Fail-Proof Love Poems*

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Don’t let bad poetry. Happen to You. Happy National Poetry Month, y’all! To celebrate, here’s a little rundown of five don’t-fail-me-now love poems to get you through Spring Fever. If these don’t rope you a snuggle buddy by the time April’s through, I give up. You’ll have to die […]

calle 13

Calle 13 : Interview with Barbara Stamatelatos Barbara is a Puerto Rican and Grecian drummer and student of musical culture living in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, who performs at the local jam session at Bruekelen Coffee House  2nd and 4th Tuesdays. I asked her about her musical influences and political inspiration for her […]

New Orleans- A Celebration of Culture

After all of these years of knowing NYWC blogger, Kesha Star Young, I was surprised to learn that in addition to being a writer, she was also an equally talented photographer. Her exhibit, “New Orleans in Mourning” is currently on display at Breukelen Cellars, a wine and art boutique in Brooklyn. It features images from […]

Poem in Your Pocket: #NYCpoetweet

Poet Angela Lockhart-Aronoff leads an annual, week-long workshop at the World Fellowship Center called “Writing Together.” In 2010, she joined NY Writers Coalition, and this weekend she kicks off a new adult workshop at the Institue for Community Living’s Stepping Stones treatment residence. This week Angela shows The Narrator how to make make the most of Poem in Your Pocket Day on April […]