Archives for April 2012

Remembering Casper

Here at NYWC, our hearts are heavy. On Friday we learned about the tragic death of one of our most dedicated and dynamic young writers – 25 year-old Jusheem Thorne, a.k.a. Casper. He was a core member of our long-running writing workshop at Ali Forney CAMP Brooklyn and a contributor of three beautiful poems to their […]

Geer Up! It’s National Poetry Month

This month poet Geer Austin shows The Narrator how National Poetry Month is really done! Each week we’ll get his picks on the must see / must hear / must go-to happenings of NYC poetica and on the web. Be advised: Check back – and check back often! The Civil Rights Movement gave birth to many other movements. […]

Raymond Carver’s Car

The great American short story writer Raymond Carver, in addition to his iconic body of work in the story form, wrote a fair number of poems. And many of these poems I’ve found to be excellent prompts, including (and especially) one entitled “The Car,” which can be found in a collection of Carver’s poetry entitled […]