Poem in Your Pocket: #NYCpoetweet

Poet Angela Lockhart-Aronoff leads an annual, week-long workshop at the World Fellowship Center called “Writing Together.” In 2010, she joined NY Writers Coalition, and this weekend she kicks off a new adult workshop at the Institue for Community Living’s Stepping Stones treatment residence. This week Angela shows The Narrator how to make make the most of Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 26.

I enjoy an active writing life as a poet, performance artist, and proud workshop leader for NYWC.  As one of the largest community writing organizations in the country, NYWC celebrates the writing of voiceless members of society, with ongoing workshops and writing related activities year round.  But during National Poetry Month, we especially celebrate random acts of poetry and encourage your participation in New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Poetweet contest on Twitter. The rules are simple: keep it clean, and keep it to a single tweet.

The Academy of American Poets introduced National Poetry Month as an annual celebration of literacy and poetry in April 1996.  Six years later, New York City initiated the first Poem in Your Pocket Day, and it was so successful that it became part of the national celebration in 2009. Soon, Poem in Your Pocket Day went digital, with Poetweet. Now in its third year, the Mayor’s annual poetry contest has gained steam.

Here’s the deal: Submit your rhymes and poems, using #NYCpoetweet by this Friday, April 20. Winning tweets will be selected by the mayor for publication in Metro New York and on the MTV 44 ½ screen in Times Square on Poem in Your Pocket Day.

Now, I’ve never tweeted, but a Facebook friend suggested I read Morning Haiku by Sonia Sanchez for a little inspiration. This is what I came up with (just in case I decide to tweet):

Subway poetry rises

Early eastern light

A Mayor waits near the tunnels

I don’t know if it’s a haiku, but it’s good enough for a Poetweet!  Now, go write yours, and I’ll see you at Times Square.