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NYWC’s 7th Annual Write-A-Thon: On Your Marks, Get Set…

By Erin Ehsani Erin Ehsani is a former workshop leader and the current Summer Events Coordinator for NYWC.  She is an MFA candidate in nonfiction at Columbia University. In his 2008 memoir, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, Haruki Murakami wrote about the parallels between running and writing.  “To keep on going,” he wrote, […]

Poetry as Dissent in Afghanistan

“In Afghanistan, poetry is the women’s movement from the inside.” — Safia Siddiqi, renowned Pashtun poet and former Afghan parliamentarian. Recently, I came across an article by poet and journalist Eliza Griswold about Afghan women who risk their lives to write and share poetry. I was deeply moved by the bravery of the women of […]

Miller Time

In a previous post I described a prompt that used as its starting point seven sentences, one of which was written by Henry Miller (whose writing never fails to inspire and amaze me, even after multiple readings). I’m not sure what prompted me to think of Miller today; perhaps it had to do with my taking a […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Pretty Darn Horrible Mothers

Sunday’s Mother’s Day; do you know where your greeting card is? If it’s not in the plane/truck/old-timey-carriage/stranger’s-mailpouch by now, good luck. Hell hath no fury like a Mothers Day Card delivered next Wednesday. (“I delivered you on time, you know,” Mommy Dearest might say.) No matter what Mama Drama you have in your past, present […]

brooklyn women’s chorus: singing social justice by angela lockhart

Angela Lockhart was selected as a writing workshop leader for the New York Writers Coalition in 2010. She has led writing workshops for homeless women writers temporarily residing in the Park Slope Women’s shelter and most recently began a workshop at the Stepping Stones Residence for formerly homeless writers in recovery for serious and persistent […]

Spoken Word: My Grandmother’s Tongue

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, spoken word artist Melissa Beauvery pays homage to the matriarch in her own way this year with the release of her first spoken word album, My Grandmother’s Tongue. Melissa currently calls Philadelphia home, but she’s a Brooklyn girl at heart. She grew up in Flatbush, and her work is colored […]

Inner Lives of Gaffers

This morning on the way to the Q Train I came across a film crew at the top of Fort Greene Park (specifically, in and around the Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument*), filming what I later discovered to be a television show called “White Collar.” There were electrical cords running along the grass and down the […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Musicals for May Day

This has been a big week: the Tony nominations came out, as did (at least some of) the masses for Occupy Wall Street, part II. Obviously a Friday 5 mash-up’s in order! Here’s a list of my top suggestions for budget-busting Broadway productions tackling social issues from a populist bent. Book your tickets now, kids, […]

general strike

One protester’s experience of May Day general strike was different than expected but still elating. Dressed in black hoodies and bandannas covering the face, 300 were were cut off at Houston Street from their plan of occupation. Police were waiting and scooped up the initial wave of people. Pressing towards each other the protesters had […]