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one step away

Walking down Market Street in Philadelphia, a bearded man hands me a paper. It’s one step away, a paper produced by people without homes for people with homes. He asks for a one dollar donation for the paper. As part of the program, he is able to keep seventy-five cents and gives a quarter back […]

Happy 25th Anniversary, Wally!

I was in the fourth grade when I first found Waldo, during what was supposed to be Ms. Pittman’s reading class. It had been at least a year since my classmates and I “discovered” Waldo, and I was a little late to the game. So, there was a lot to prove. During those weeks of […]

I Remember

Last week at St. Mark’s Bookshop (one of the oldest, best, and few still-in-business independent booksellers in the five boroughs) I came across The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard. I’d never heard of Brainard before last week, but I’d recalled skimming a review of the recently-released title and, though I can’t remember what in the […]

Friday Five: Top 5 Ways to Catch Write-A-Thon Fever!

The 7th Annual NY Writers Coalition Write-A-Thon is this Sunday, June 24th! Don’t worry, it’s not too late to be part of the fun, and help to support NYWC’s free creative writing programs for people who traditionally have no voice in society, such as the homeless, at-risk youth, veterans, the incarcerated and many more.  NYWC […]

panther baby

Panther Baby is an eloquent autobiography of Jamal Joseph, an original member of the famed Panther 21 group thrown into prison and later acquitted. Jamal was a youth in 1960’s Bronx, orphaned and living with his grandmother. He found strength, meaning and inspiration in the Black Panther movement. Going behind the scenes into the daily […]

Summer Reading with The Narrator

It’s exactly 21 days post-Memorial Day, and by now you’ve likely been inundated with summer reading recommendations from any and everyone with two cents to share. But Wednesday ushers in the 2012 Summer Solstice — with a staggering 96 degrees in NYC! — and for the sake of The Narrator, let’s treat that as the official start […]

Johnny One-Arm

Thirteen years ago, nearly to the day, The New Yorker published a short story called “Asset” by David Foster Wallace. The story, a fictional Q&A in which the Qs are curiously (and brilliantly) excluded, subsequently appeared in a collection of Wallace’s stories entitled Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, also published in 1999. But it wasn’t until 2008, after […]

loving day

Last Saturday afternoon, beautiful couples and their diverse children gathered together to dance, create art, eat free bbq and celebrate love in interracial relationships.  Loving Day is a yearly celebration and ongoing effort to raise awareness of the 1969 Loving v. Virginia, the Supreme Court decision that legalized interracial marriage in the U.S. Dj Dhundee […]

Why We Don’t Write & the Cure: Community

On June 11, 2012 people of the Twitterverse joined us in sharing their reasons for what we declared as National Why I Don’t Write Day.  Aaron Zimmerman kicked off the conversation by blogging about his own struggles with writing his second novel.  Zimmerman, the founder and Executive Director of NY Writers Coalition, wrote honestly about […]

Book Review: The World Without You

Poet Geer Austin formerly led workshops for LGBT homeless youth at New Alternatives, Sylvia’s Place, and the Times Square-supported housing project. This week, he reviews Joshua Henkin’s The World Without You, a novel about one family’s celebration of an Independence Day during the Iraq War.  In Joshua Henkin’s The World Without You: A Novel, the brilliant and privileged Frankels […]