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On the Side of the Road

The first time I ever hitchhiked was in Lebanon in 1997. I was 25 years old and terrified. I stood on the side of the road in Bsharri (Kahlil Gibran’s hometown), a backpack the size of a golf bag on my back, and stuck out my thumb on a rather deserted stretch of Lebanese asphalt. […]

Why I Don’t Write (and how you can help me change that . . .)

Today, June 11, we are running a fun social media campaign asking people to post about why they don’t write, to help create awareness about our amazing solution to not writing: the NYWC Write-A-Thon.  You can join in on our facebook page, or on twitter (use the hashtag #whyidontwrite).  It’s a playful poke at the […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Books with Dogs

I got a puppy! What does this have to do with Friday Five? Well, it means all I can think about (when not thinking, Oh no no no no do not chew/devour/excavate/urinate/defecate/mutilate that/there!) is the sheer adorability of puppies. Lucky you! Here is my Top 5, then, of books with dogs: Top Five Books with […]

The Obscene Mechanics of Love: Q&A with poet Angelo Nikolopoulos

Join us on Thursday, June 14th  as NYWC does LGBT Pride Month right with a special inter-generational Writing Aloud reading, sponsored by SAGE. Members of our workshops for LGBT elders and homeless youth will read along with our headliner, poet Angelo Nikolopoulos. WARNING: It will be awesome. The host and curator for this event is […]

Fort Greene celebrates Juneteenth

Each year there’s a Saturday in mid-June when I pass by Fort Greene’s Cuyler Gore Park, a small triangle of benches and trees at the intersection of Fulton Street and Greene Avenue, and wonder, What’s going on here today? The sidewalk tends to be lined with street vendors selling African art and munchies, and that […]

Nation’s English teachers trick Americans into getting meta

Last year the nation’s English teachers staged a conspiracy to get people everywhere to write about writing.  As part of the annual National Day on Writing on October 20th, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), asked folks to answer, “Why I Write” by blogging and tweeting their responses.  Sneaky! Kids, blogging about “why […]

Smell, Memory

I’ve noticed, on many occasions, that the sudden sniff of a certain scent can take me back in time in an instant. I’ll smell burning leaves (or something that smells like burning leaves) and I’m back in my father’s garden in Michigan some thirty years ago on a cool November afternoon with a rake in […]

Friday 5: Top 5 Films for Summer

Summer is awesome, right? There’s all this sun and nearly naked people and ice cream is an acceptable form of nourishment for every single meal. Yup, summer rocks. Until you’re about a week into a heatwave and the sweat is creating its own lap pool in the small of your back and you can’t imagine […]