hip hop festival

Last Saturday, many fans of hip hop gathered at the new Pier 3 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The yearly celebration featured Busta Rhymes as a headliner, and entertained guests with local hip hop acts all afternoon. An aspect that not many realized was the beautiful addition of Family Day, a festival within the festival focused on youth voice.

Dj Spaze Crafte, working along with the organization World Up, created a special program for youth. The process, entitled THE LIVING REMIX PROJECT, allows children to rap, sing, play instruments or speak their minds. The dj then samples all of their collective voices and creates a new track. This process of valuing children’s voices and allowing them to express themselves is empowering for the youth and helps them feel connected to a larger culture. This is especially highlighted when Dj Spaze Crafte took the newly minted track and played it on the large stage for everyone to hear.  Many children spoke their minds and were heard by the adults. As children’s voices are often a minority in society, this is a great way to include a traditionally marginalized population.