Homesickness at our Fort Greene Park workshops

In a shop-talkin’ letter to fellow poet Louis Untermeyer, Robert Frost once wrote of their shared craft, “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.”  Though this quote says nothing of where a poem ends, it seems to imply that a poem, well-crafted, makes something of these complicated feelings.  A poem is constructive.  This week, we are pleased to present a poem from our Fort Greene Park Summer Workshop  by Tyinghe Fleming (age 13) on the subject of “home.”  Read on for the poem, plus some photos of workshops in action:

“Jersey City, New Jersey” by Tyinghe Fleming

A convenience for all the boroughs

Not a lot of traffic

Just a lightrail to take me where

I need to go.

Whether it be school, the mall,

or summer camp,

I can always count on

the New Jersey Transit to take me to and fro.

There’s a corner store on every block,

People ride bike up and down the street,

all these things are in New Jersey,

all these things are me.


 To hear poems like these read aloud, as well as other works by the young writers in our summer workshops, please join us on August 18 at 3 PM for the Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival.  For more information, go here, or like our page on Facebook