walt l. shamel garden

The community garden across the street from me is a gathering spot, and with summer, they have launched several new projects for the community. I was happy to see months of work come into fruition with the latest addition, a farmers market! The founder was inspired while working on a documentary film of farmers. When she came back to New York, she circulated a petition to get a grant to learn about how to start a farmers market in our neighborhood. I and several enthusiastic neighbors signed up to be volunteers, and the Garden is taking off!

Last Saturday, I sampled some fresh pasta with shiitake mushrooms, broccoli and carrots straight from upstate. The local family selling pies and classical music piping from the garden made it a relaxing place to hang out.  There is artwork on display, a huge tent sculpture made entirely from recycled plastic handcuffs by Art not Arrests. Here in Crown Heights, statistically at risk for stop and frisk violations, it is especially significant.

Those interested in starting their own farmers market can work through programs like Just Food to secure support!