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Icarus Cannonballed: A Poem-a-Day with Yvonne Garrett and Mary Ellen Sanger

This summer, NYWC leaders Yvonne Garrett and Mary Ellen Sanger completed and published a collection of their poems, Icarus Cannonballed: Lessons in Cave Diving in the Bahamas. These friends and writers have been writing a poem-a-day together for over two years, and they aren’t stopping any time soon. I spoke with them about the book, […]

the sun

Those writers looking for inspiration, whether political, poetic, environmental or social, would find it in the pages of The Sun magazine. Each month there is an interview with someone who is challenging societal beliefs through positive examples. A blend of poetry, essays, memoir and short fiction with a subtle theme woven throughout allow the reader […]

8th Annual Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival…a success!

Last Saturday at the Prison Martyrs’ Monument in Fort Greene Park, moms, dads, grandmas, great aunts, picnickers, lovebirds, strangers, and friends gathered to hear stories by the young writers of the NY Writers Coalition summer workshops, and  from acclaimed writers Tayari Jones, Earl Lovelace, and Jessica Hagedorn. Laurie Cumbo, the founder and executive director of the Museum of […]

Mask and Wig

J.D. Salinger has been attributed to saying, “It takes me at least an hour to warm up when I sit down to work. Just taking off my own disguises takes an hour or more.” Which I take to mean that before Salinger really started to write each day he had to first shed all the […]

Brooklyn, Divided

Today’s post was written by Kristin Iversen and was initially published by The L Magazine.  We loved this piece, and we thought you might too, so we reached out to the L‘s editors for permission to share it with Narrator readers. They said yes!  You can follow Kristin Iversen here on Twitter, and check out The […]

remembering katrina

It has been seven years since Hurricane Katrina left her mark on the American psyche, triggering change for many. I bring you here to the wonderful community radio site of wwoz, where locals are reflecting on their current state. Enjoy!

A Weekend Trip to the Moon: My Perfect Summer Saturdays in Fort Greene Park

by Jen Weitsen Jen Weitsen volunteered for the past two summers at the NY Writers Coalition’s Fort Greene Park Summer Creative Writing Workshops for youth. She lives in Manhattan, and is working on her first novel. Over the summer, I spent six incredible Saturday mornings volunteering at the NY Writers Coalition Fort Greene Youth Writing […]

Brautigan’s Lawn

Today’s prompt was inspired by a used book I bought a few years ago at a now defunct store in Brooklyn. I bought the book based solely on its cover. The title, Revenge of the Lawn, had interested me due to its strangeness. What sort of revenge would and could a lawn be taking? And […]

size matters

The last week I have spent my yearly trip into New Orleans learning about changes in the community post –Katrina. I focus on the 9th ward, as that is an area disproportionately hit by the storm and affected by development. Last year, at the sixth anniversary, there was a brilliant opening of the New Orleans […]

Love, Pigeons, and Puppets HERE

Master puppeteer Hanne Tierney (My Life in a Nutshell, Leibniz’ Folly) kicks off the HERE Dream Music Puppetry Program’s 20th season with Strange Tales of Liaozhai, two Chinese folktales told through music, drawing, choreography, and with over 100 manipulated strings. According to HERE, “These separate narratives wind in and out of each other, unfolding through movement, images, and gestures, […]