Muahahahahah! Evil Plans at our Saturday Workshops

At the intersection of a few of the most fun writing topics– superpowers, science, adventure, and mischief–lies the evil plan.  Not surprisingly, this enticing story element comes up often in our Saturday workshops.  This week, we are proud to present three posts written in the spirit of shrink rays, doomsday devices, and unsavory characters.  The first story, by Daniel Maiorana, tells of an ill-intentioned billionaire inventor– a sort of Ironman gone wrong. In a short scene by Oni Thornell, two mysterious characters with colors for names (perhaps an unknowing nod to Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs?) hatch a plan to steal the greatest treasure of all– cookies. Lastly, we present a thrilling few lines by Tayon Regist. His story starts with invisibility and ends, satisfyingly, with a box of Dunkin Donuts.


Daniel Maiorana, Age 11:

“Ha, ha, ha,” the evil scientist Dr. John Cooper laughed. He had just begun production of a shrink ray and a rocket ship. On Sunday, July 4 he planned to steal the moon! Ever since he was a kid he had been fascinated with the moon. At the age of 12 he had set his goal of stealing the moon. He was a rich inventor and casino man, and led a criminal syndicate in which he made billions of illegal money (and billions of legal). Had thousands of well-used patents. His ship remote controlled shuttle had been stolen from an air force base, and outfitted with a claw and shrink ray. Was just about to be launched. 3…2…1… BLAST OFF. Bmmmm phshhhh! The ship took off. Up, up, and away it went. The special rocket propelled it to a speed of 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles per hour. 2 seconds later it was there!


“I Want a Cookie” by Oni Thornell, Age 8:

Red S: I have a plan. An evil plan. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Brown S: Really?

Red S: Yup.

Brown S: What will we do?

Red S: When they are gone I will run and snatch a cookie and… RUN.


Tayon Regist, Age 8:

If I had a Harry Potter cloak I’d keep it to pull pranks on people. I could take games from Game Stop. I could take all the electronics in the world then I will take all the money from the bank then I go to Dunkin Donuts and take the cake and then I will give the cloak back to Harry Potter.


To hear more great writing–some a tad less evil–join us on August 18 for the Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival, featuring readings from Earl Lovelace, Jessica Hagedorn, Tayari Jones, and the young writers from our Saturday workshops.  Follow the Lit Fest on Facebook here.