Rain, Rain, Stay Away

The Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival is right around the corner, and though we’ve got a rain location set for Greenlight Bookstore, we can’t help but feel antsy about Saturday’s weather.  This week, in hopes of placating the gods of precipitation, we offer you a poem by Iniko Thornell (Age 14) about embracing the rain.  Let’s hope that this bit of flattery staves off any storm that might have been thinking of rolling through.



I wonder what the rain feels like

When you close your eyes

Cover your nose

And plug your ears

And all the while you don’t

Speak a word.

With your senses unable to take

In these cool drops it is all

Up to touch, your skin begins

To work like echolocation, tracking

And placing every tumbling drop

Like ripples on your skin

The coolness as it slithers

Down you cheek like a snake

Hissing and moving in your hair and

Across your poised closed lips

You are in tune to the rain

You plug in the earbuds and

It becomes a rhythm, melody

A hymn to your skin

Then suddenly thoughts

Pop into your consciousness like

Rain clouds warning, panting,

And growling. The rain refuses to be



Like what you see here?  Stop by the Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival, this Saturday at 3PM by the monument in Fort Greene Park. 

Photo courtesy of Riverfront Cats.