Superlative Man

Today’s prompt was inspired by Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, whose gold medal (and Olympic record) in the men’s 100-meter dash yesterday meant that he retained his title as the “World’s Fastest Man.” How this prompt works is you first make a list of as many superlatives as you can think of in 60 seconds (incidentally, Bolt can run six 100-meter dashes in that time). If you’re not familiar with superlatives, here are a few to get you going: strongest, weakest, smoothest, clumsiest, heaviest, lightest. If you’d like a formal definition of superlative, Webster’s defines the word as meaning “surpassing all others” or “of very high quality.”

Now, once you have your list of superlatives, pick one and write “the” to the left of your superlative. Then write “man,” “woman,” or child” to the right of it. And so, after you do that, you should have something that looks like: The Tannest Man. Or: The Freckliest Women. Or: The Maddest Child.

Now, take your mark, get set, and go write a piece of prose or poetry about your superlative person.