the sun

Those writers looking for inspiration, whether political, poetic, environmental or social, would find it in the pages of The Sun magazine. Each month there is an interview with someone who is challenging societal beliefs through positive examples. A blend of poetry, essays, memoir and short fiction with a subtle theme woven throughout allow the reader to explore meaningful topics in a reflective way. The dog-eared page brings back a voice, usually from a famous writer who has passed on.  The last page of quotes is motivating and covers a single idea from multiple perspectives. Photographic essays are spread throughout and delicately support the writing. My favorite aspect is the “readers write” section, which invites its readers to submit authentic stories on a single theme. These topics, varying from “the internet” “shoes” or “rites of passage”, again allow the diversity of experiences to be illuminated, and are useful for writing prompts, for yourself or for groups. I encourage everyone to let a little Sun in their lives as we draw toward the end of summer.