Four New YA Books with LGBT Characters

Today’s post comes from Bitch Magazine columnist Ashley McAllister’s Beyond Judy Blume series, an examination of identity and sexuality in young adult literature.

Author Malinda Lo did some sleuthing last year and concluded that less than 1% of YA books published from 2000-1011 contained LGBT characters. Take a look at the charts that she created, which show who publishes LGBT novels, and also look at LGBT novels that are published and break them up by gender (only 4% of LGBT YA books are about transgender or genderqueer characters).

Lo has continued to track the number of LGBT YA books published in 2012, and you can follow along on her blog. This year, Lo estimates that 1.6% of YA books published will include LGBT main characters. An improvement, but we’ve still got a long way to go.

Have you been keeping on top of 2012’s YA lit with LGBT characters? Which books have you liked? Which ones are you excited to read when they’re out later this year? Here are four YA books with LGBT characters out this year to get you started. [Read more at Bitch Magazine]