NYWC Ten Under 10: “Feelings” by Lucia Snajdr, Age 5

Welcome to NYWC’s Ten Under 10 Writing Series, featuring the poetry of members of our youth writing workshops under the age of 10.


By Lucia Snajdr, Age 5

A dull night is bad.
It is bad because you have toys and you pretend to
be bored.

An exciting night is having a party for dinner.

An exciting morning is having waffles for
An exciting morning is not going to school.
An exciting morning is not changing into your real

A dull morning is you have to have cereal.
A dull morning is a rain storm.

A dull afternoon is not having your friends over.
A dull afternoon is going to school.
A dull afternoon is having no sushi.
A dull afternoon is having your tree get cut down.
A dull afternoon is having your mommy go to

Lucia Snajdr’s “Feelings” appeared in 2011’s I Feel Surreal: Writing from the Ridge Kids when she was five years old. You’ll find this and other writing from our youth program in the NYWC Bookstore.


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