NYWC Ten Under 10: “Pretty” by Cindy Lei, Age 7

Welcome to NYWC’s Ten Under 10 Writing Series, featuring the poetry of members of our youth writing workshops under the age of 10.


By Cindy Lei, Age 7

I am from New York City
I am from brushes with daisies
I am from big white dumplings with things inside
I am from long pink dresses that I wear for dances.
I feel excited when I am wearing the pink dress.
I am from fudge
I am from congratulations and happy birthday.
I am from presents, medium-sized in a blue box with a pink ribbon.
I am from fresh air.

I am from quickly-spoken Chinese.
I am from the stories I write, stories with problems.
I am from little and big sisters.
I am from Chinatown where there are interesting signs
and English-speaking people can’t understand.

“Pretty” was contributed  in 2006 by Cindy Lei when she was seven years old and appears in If These Streets Could Talk: Fiction & Poetry from the NY Writers CoalitionYou’ll find this and other writing from our youth program in the NYWC Bookstore.

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  1. mary Blas says

    Love your poem. Cindy! I especially like the last stanza–I feel as though I am in Chinatown with you. Thanks for sharing your lovely poem with us.