NYWC after the Storm: Ways to Help

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by Hurricane Sandy. We hope that you and your loved ones have remained safe and are finding the support you need.

Our friends at Brooklyn Community Foundation have put together a list of ways to help with the recovery effort that is constantly being updated. Click here for more information.

Additionally, two of our program partners, East Village Access and New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth are seeking donations of basic, non-perishable food items, such as bottled water, canned goods, peanut butter, tuna fish, granola bars, bread, fresh fruit, nuts, crackers, and juice. You can drop these items off at their program sites:

  • For East Village Access: 242 East 2nd Street (between Avenue C and B) on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 10AM and 3PM. For more information call: 646-715-8419
  • For New Alternatives: St. John’s Lutheran Church at 83 Christopher Street in the West Village.

NYWC will continue to spread the word about more ways to get involved as we learn about them. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. Please feel free to share information with us about groups that need help.

If you planned to donate to 10 Days of NYWC but had not yet done so, we hope you will instead consider supporting those who have been affected by the storm. Due to the storm, we suspended our fundraising campaign. Although we were shy of our $10,000 goal, our anonymous foundation donor decided to still match every donation we received.

 NYWC’s staff and our office space were thankfully not impacted by the storm. We suspended all workshops this week and they will begin to resume next week.  We have found that our writing workshops provide a sense of normalcy, community, and safety during the most difficult of times. Whether participants want to use writing to process experiences or as a way to escape into a more pleasant place, our workshop can be an important resource for those who need it most.  So we hope we can be fully back to work as soon as humanly possible. In the meantime, please continue to be safe!