Claiming Victory: An interview with artist George Spencer

I met the Brooklyn based artist George Spencer last year when he donated a painting as a raffle prize at our Red and Black Party.  I was immediately drawn to the piece he contributed: an almost ghost-like boxer raising his gloved hand.  I learned that all his paintings were of boxers (pugilists, not dogs nor underwear, btw), and saw from his page on Etsy that I could buy one at a very affordable price (they were $40 a year ago, and now are  just $50).

As a fiction writer, I have always been comforted by artists that use the same subject matter over and over (think Jasper Johns and flags), because certain images seem to reappear in my writing, regardless of the style or topic at hand.  So when George invited me to his Clinton Hill studio to pick out a piece, I decided to bring a flipcam along and interview him to try to see what makes him tick.  It was incredibly fun to see George’s works-in-progress and get a sense of the tremendous enthusiasm he brings to his work.

Once you watch this video, it will be hard to resist checking out George’s shop and getting one of these haunting and beautiful pieces of art.