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I swear this oath

Today is Martin Luther King Day, and  here at The Narrator it is a day of remembrance, reflection, and celebration.  It is our one year anniversary, and we are thrilled to have 51 weeks of thoughtful and hopefully inspiring pieces written by NY Writers Coalition leaders and our allies out there in the blogosphere. Since […]

Friday 5: Reading in the spirit of MLK Day

This week’s Friday 5 is in celebration of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and comes from writer Christopher Oklyn.  Christopher was born in Paris, France and grew up in Cardiff, Wales.  He attended Northwestern University in Chicago, where he majored in communications and economics.  He is a recent migrant to Brooklyn and currently works for a Community Development Financial […]

Meet our new workshop leaders!

NYWC is known for our incredibly diverse and talented volunteer workshop leaders.  In Fall 2012, we welcomed a new set of writers ready to give back to the city. Some of you may have met them at a free workshop, but if you haven’t, let me introduce you to them!  (Actually, they are introducing themselves, […]

Friday 5: The Benefits of Leading NYWC Workshops

The NY Writers Coalition is looking for volunteers to lead creative writing workshops that provide a safe, supportive environment in which writers can find and expand their voices, take risks in writing, and be part of a non-competitive writing community. Once trained, volunteer workshop leaders participate fully in all workshops they lead: writing, reading aloud, […]

Doing anything on Tuesday night? Join a Creative Writing Workshop!

If you happened to read NYWC founder Aaron Zimmerman’s Writing Prompt post “Out with the old, in with the new…” on The Narrator on Monday, you would have received just a taste of what could be in store for you and what you could have the pleasure of experiencing at Aaron’s Tuesday night writing workshop. […]

Who’s Brooklyn?: Documentary Explores Gentrification, Development, and the Future of the Borough

Last Friday, IFP and Filmwax kicked off a one week theatrical run of the documentary film My Brooklyn directed by Kelly Anderson. I was at the ReRun theatre (located in Dumbo’s, reBar) to see the film on its second screening of the evening which preceded a Q+A with Anderson and others.

Out with the old, in with the new…

Sometimes a good old-fashioned writing ritual can give you a helpful kick in the butt and move your writing along.  This prompt can help you get 2013 started right, and put you in touch with some of the things you carry around with you and some of your hopes that seem too big to name. […]

Begin at the End

During the four years I’ve been leading writing workshops, perhaps no other prompt has been as effective as this one: giving participants a printed out list of evocative first sentences from published novels or short stories and inviting them to begin a piece of writing with one of these sentences. In fact, it’s been so […]