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Friday 5: Why young people in the USA are increasingly indifferent to the Catholic Church

Being in the midst of Easter week, it feels like an appropriate time to address the Church’s decreasing appeal to young people in the US. Whether or not this is a bad thing I will leave to you, but the trend of youth disaffection with the Church is undeniable.  The recent election of Pope Francis, formerly […]

Performance Art Review: Heard*NY is the Emperor’s New Horses

I was intrigued when I read glowing references to Heard*NY,  a new performance art piece in Grand Central Terminal, sponsored by the innovative arts organization Creative Time. Artist Nick Cave designed a herd of 30 shaggy, colorful life-size horses that twice- daily prance across Grand Central Station’s Vanderbilt Hall.  Periodically the herd breaks into choreographed […]

Equality Exhaustion

Social media exploded this week with a brilliant display of support for marriage equality. Red and pink equal signs abound. But some express frustration toward this movement. They worry that the gesture’s simplicity undermines the serious work being done to dismantle an exclusionary institution. They want our virtual support for human rights to translate into […]

Walk a Mile in Different Shoes

Yet again, mom was right–“Walk a mile in another’s shoes”, she used to tell me. It’s a cliché, of course, but the expression has profound impact not only in life but also in writing. Walking in someone else’s shoes cultivates empathy and helps create more interesting characters. Take our good friend Shakespeare, for example: in […]

Have you caught Spring Fever yet? Tickets for NYWC’s Spring Fever on sale now!

Spring officially began on March 20. Although the weather might just be just starting to break, some have already caught the fever: Spring Fever! A few NYWC Workshop Leaders (and a participant or two) have a case of spring fever, and this is what comes to mind when they think of spring: Excerpt from “Spring […]

Narrator Film Review: Tina Fey in ‘Admission’

This week is spring break for New York City Public Schools.  In a half-hearted wish that the city’s teens are using this time to wrap up those pesky college applications, The Narrator’s Ann Lewinson brings you a review of Tina Fey’s recent release: Admission. Ann reviews films for the Boston Phoenix, The Kansas City Star, and other publications and is a member […]

Ask Four Questions

Ready the Matzoh and break out the Haggadah, people! At sundown, on Monday March 25th, 2013, Passover begins. Tonight is the first night of Passover, or “Pesach“, the most celebrated Jewish holiday in America. This makes sense, since it commemorates a very American concept: freedom and the quest to understand the plight of those less-fortunate […]

Friday 5: Ways to be Thrifty and Fabulous this Spring!

Today’s Friday 5 comes from Jessica Cohen, our new contributor and a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she double-majors in political science and Spanish. Jessica is an avid writer, and her poetry and essays focus on examinations of the human condition, the intricacies of life, and the fulfillment of human happiness. Through […]

The Action Center of Far Rockaway Forced to Slow Down Distribution Efforts

Superstorm Sandy had a huge impact on New York City, especially parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and lower Manhattan. Far Rockaway, Queens has suffered greatly, with the majority of its boardwalk destroyed, homes and businesses burnt to the ground, and residents left homeless. Since the storm hit in November, I’ve been a volunteer in […]

The Fat Cat: Uplift with a $3 Cover

Near the corner where Christopher Street meets Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, it is possible to leave behind the glossy, gentrified precincts of the West Village and tumble down a rabbit hole into a cavernous subterranean establishment called the Fat Cat. Nothing about this place is slick. A crowd of refreshingly unhip patrons drink beer (the […]