A Friday 5 to Make You Move!

Today’s Friday 5 comes from our newest contributor, Priya Arya. Currently a double major studying Neuroscience and Spanish, Priya enjoys exploring the barriers between people and their environments and how the two are connected. With a passion for dance and physical activity, she also enjoys writing poetry, which she began dabbling in at a young age. 

As winter drudges on, we move forward shrouded in the mist of work, assignments, deadlines, and the responsibilities of our daily lives. While we cross our fingers and wait for spring why not break out of your regular routine and get a move on. It’s always a good time to move, dance and inspire the world.  Even if the cold, snowy days of winter have taken a toll on you and need some inspiration yourself, take a break and check out these exciting NYC motivators!

broadway dance

The Broadway Dance Center is renowned for its quantity and quality of instruction in traditional and non-traditional dance styles composed by experienced professionals.  As a result, it has become a magnet for dancers worldwide, including one of my personal inspirations, Shakti Mohan. However, this company is not limited to professional training. The Broadway Dance Center has participated in Dancing for AIDS week, DANCE-AID for Hurricane Sandy victims, and partnered with many educational, medical, animal, and dance organizations.  In addition to their annual AIM Invitational Competition and the May showcase, keep your eyes open for innovative Urban Dance Series opportunities starting February 25th.  You can also check out some exciting workshops including the hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary PULSE.  Looking for a chance to train?  Why not check out their work-study program.  No matter what kind of dance experience you’re looking for The Broadway Dance Center has something for everyone.


Urban Bush Women

Internationally known The Urban Bush Women Dance Company has received many honors, including recognition from the US Department of State for its cultural contributions. Jawole Willa Jo Zollar founded the company with a passion for the African American community.  More than thirty years after its birth, the company has deep roots in the community offering affordable classes and workshops for many groups including, the elderly, the LGBTQ community, and children.   Becoming an agent of change by reaching out to people of all colors and creeds and helping them exploring their physical abilities using historical and culture themes; inner stability through motion; democracy through leadership building (through public programs like B.O.L.D.  The exciting 2013 calendar kicks off with the NYC Dance Symposium February 24th, the Harlem Jazz Brunch on May 5th, the ongoing B.O.L.D. leadership program, and upcoming additions to their dance repertory.



mark morrisFor those of us who require nothing short of a mind-blowing experience to get artistically motivated, the internationally performing Mark Morris Dance Group will get the job done.  Since its founding in 1980, this group has taken each performance as an opportunity to redefine creativity.  From famous classical musical pieces, to exciting new compositions, the colorful and choreographic genius is sure to take your breath away.  For lovers of literature, especially classic literature, experience some of your favorite stories told in motion.  One piece involved choreography relaying motifs of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. These compelling plots, beautiful colors, dynamic musicians, and finely tuned dancers guarantee the performance of a lifetime this year.


young dancers 3

Taking advantage of versatility of dance, The Young Dancers in Repertory, founded in 1985, has made dance its medium for promoting education.  Seeking to help educate individuals in dance and academics the specialty of this company is in its targeting of dancers from the youth and the general public. Consequently, they have developed many programs, including free afterschool dance and academic assistance; creating community partnerships with the nearby schools for promoting education, cultural diversity, and of course dance; offering free multicultural dance workshops in Brooklyn parks.  This company’s efforts to make learning dance accessible to the community doesn’t end here, check out their performances and programs this year!



Artichoke Dance Company dances to make a difference.  This company has one distinct goal, to reintegrating individuals into society.  Here, dance becomes a physical and emotional healing process.  Their programs include Performing Partners, promoting physical skills and community interaction development; the Integrative Performance Project, where they work to bring together community members; Moving to Survive, a program for victims of violence and domestic abuse; Seniors in Motion, which provides opportunities for the elderly to dance. With its history decorated with a variety of people and innumerable performances check out what else the future hold for this company!


With the coldest of winter days behind us, now is a good time to remember that the music has been playing and the world has been dancing.  Are you ready to join in?





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