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Spring officially began on March 20. Although the weather might just be just starting to break, some have already caught the fever: Spring Fever! A few NYWC Workshop Leaders (and a participant or two) have a case of spring fever, and this is what comes to mind when they think of spring:

Excerpt from “Spring Sprung” by Daisy Rangel, NYWC Workshop Participant:

Spring remains of the blossom of the trees and dogs barking. Suddenly you see everyone going to video stores to rent movies and buy popcorn. I am so excited spring is here again.

central park in the rain

By Mary Feinberg
 – sunshine waking me in the morning.
 – putting away coats, scarves and gloves.
– running, smiling children in the parks, on the streets.
– immobilized by the cold no more, but free to bask in the soothing air.
– noticing trees with birds hopping from limb to limb.
– going for long strolls and being engulfed in green.

Legs say hurray to no more tights ’til next winter. ~ Hilary Sortor

Spring reminds [me] of pollen, itchy eyes and allergies. ~ Jackie Glasthal

The sidewalks being covered in little round white flower-petals that look as if someone shook out a bunch of hole-punches.Ben Dolnick

Spring … awaking from a deep sleep and rediscovering life again. The rains wash away the old and I have the opportunity to start over with a new outlook … the crisp air excites my senses and stimulates my imagination and creative juices … a chance to reinvent … my spirit is renewed … takes my breath away … ~ Nancy Sanchez Taylor

By Tory Meringoff
much warmth
chicks being born 
bouncing back (like an actual spring)
snow beginning to melt, esp. on grass?
plants, colors, botanical things
things winding down, probably because of how summer / fun is upon us
not needing a huge jacket when we go outside
weather that is perfect–not too hot, not too cold.

baseball on groundBaseball tryouts behind West Maple Middle School. Frozen grass. Frozen mud. My fingers like icicles. (In southeastern Michigan, spring is basically late winter). All the other boys trying out (it’s actually closer to audition than tryout) are taller than me and stronger than me. Other boys’ fathers throw fastballs and hit grounders. Other boys’ fathers hold clipboards and write digits from 1 to 5, reducing 10 and 11 year olds to a series of numbers for the following week’s draft. I can barely grip a bat my hands are so cold. My cleats slide over the hardened infield. I bend over to scoop up a groundball. Miraculously the ball bounces into my glove. I throw it toward a blond first baseman who’s as tall as a tree. My throw reaches him on two hops. Later I watch the first baseman swing and then pitch. He’s as graceful as the puma on the heels of his cleats. ~ Derek Loosvelt


Have you caught the Spring Fever yet? If not, here is your opportunity to do so. On May 10, 2013, NYWC will bring you Spring Fever, a celebration of new beginnings, prosperity, and a much needed good time!

Whether spring makes you think of hope and change, sunshine and shopping, or just plain ‘ol spring showers this is the party for you. NYWC honors the power of the written word to build inclusiveness and give voice to the thoughts and experiences of everyone, not just the privileged and powerful. In keeping with this philosophy, Spring Fever celebrates all the untold stories of hope, fresh starts, and a new season of all the unique storytelling New York City has to offer.

All Spring Fever proceeds benefit NYWC’s free creative writing programs around the city. Tickets can be purchased on our Website. All Spring Fever proceeds benefit NYWC’s free creative writing programs around the city.