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Write Within Writing

When I was young I used to stand in my Grandmother’s bathroom and pretend I was the Rockettes. Not just one of them–ALL of them. The front and back walls of my Grandmother’s bathroom were comprised entirely of mirrors, and when I stood in the right spot in between them, it would look like there […]

Participate in National Volunteer Week, Join NYWC’s Volunteer Corps!

National Volunteer Week is coming to a close, but we couldn’t let it pass without giving a shout-out to NYWC’s  Volunteer Corps program. Our creative writing workshops are the crux of the work we do here and our over forty volunteers have allowed us to conduct over 1,000 workshops in 2012 alone. The Volunteer Corps, […]

Julius Caesar at BAM!

When you first walk into the Harvey Theater at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), and the usher directs you to your seat, you sit under the warm lights of yellow to red hues reminiscent of sub-Saharan Africa. Performers of an all-black cast walk about the stage and a few wander into the audience to […]

Let Your Writing Get Hectic

World War II ushered in a new age of American Jazz on numbers alone. While American Jazz musicians were sent overseas to fight, rationed gas and rubber made travel difficult for those still at home, and the performed act of Jazz relocated out of the big-band, Swing-dance arenas of the 1930s and into the dark, […]

NYWC hART beat: A look at the poets and writers of our community

In case you missed the memo, April is National Poetry Month, and as of this twenty-fourth day, poets and writers around the world are in the home stretch of their Poem-a-Day challenges. In New York City we’ve seen another Poetweet contest come and go, and just last week, NYWC Volunteer Corps members shared some awesome haikus […]

The Collective Creative Genius of “Beasts of the Southern Wild”

“Where do you get your ideas?” This dreaded question, asked all the time of writers and artists, has no satisfactory answer, or at least no satisfactory short one. So I resisted the urge to ask it of Benh Zeitlin, director of “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” when I interviewed him for a magazine around the […]

New Coalition Unites to End Homelessness in NYC

Today’s guest post comes from Soheil Rezayazdi. Soheil is a Communications Officer at the Supportive Housing Network of New York, a nonprofit advocacy organization with offices in New York City and Albany. Soheil operates the Network’s website, newsletter, social media outlets, and non-digital communications efforts. He does similar work for United to End Homelessness, a […]

Send Brooklyn Into Outer Space

When I first read Tracy K. Smith‘s five part poem “My God, It’s Full of Stars,” I was overwhelmed. You could spend a whole day wandering through the gorgeous imagery contained in one line of the poem, let alone all five of its parts. It’s no wonder Smith won a Pulitzer for Life on Mars, the […]

Celebrating New York Cares Day

New York Cares  is a volunteer-based organization that collaborates with non-profit organizations, city agencies, and public schools to meet the needs of under-served communities. Founded in the 1980s by a group of friends who wanted to make a difference, New York Cares seeks to help communities facing critical issues throughout New York City. The organization […]

Is cupid… online?

This week has been rough.  A pretty hard week for Americans.  Just check the news, people are pretty fed up with this week.  So I thought I would give us some rest and go on a fun rant of my own, railing for and against… Internet Dating. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!! As a seasoned internet dater, […]