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7Upper: Writing from Rikers Island, EMTC, Through the Fortune Society

 Even the Stars Look Lonesome -Maya Angelou When Patrick Mathieu conceived of 7Upper: Writing from Rikers Island, EMTC Through the Fortune Society, he imagined a collection that would share with readers some of the magic that he has experienced over the years. Many moons ago, due to a misidentification, Mathieu found himself locked up on […]

10th Annual Write Makes Might Features Three Hours of Poetry and Prose

Last Saturday marked NYWC’s 10th Annual Write Makes Might marathon reading at the Andrew Heiskell Library where participants from our adult workshops read their work among their peers. The reading allowed us to experience a multitude of powerful voices through writing that would otherwise go unnoticed or unheard. The readers at Saturday’s event represented a […]

Discover a Jazz Genius

For the most part, I share Angela’s sentiment when it comes to jazz. I’m just not a huge fan. And doing research for this prompt on music-junkie-godsend “Spotify” last night only confirmed that for me. I’m just not a Jazz person. I don’t like Jazz. There, I’ve said it, and I refuse to take it back. […]


Tens of thousands of immigrants moved into Capitol Hill last week. With labor and civil rights organizations standing beside them, they called for humane reform of immigration laws and a path for citizenship for 11 million residents who are undocumented. New York activist Katherine Tabares urged the crowd: I want you to look around to […]

Write to a Rhythm

In the liner notes to Biograph, the 1985 box set looking back on Bob Dylan‘s extensive career, Dylan shares his reasoning behind deciding, before his career took off, to play folk music. To him, folk music had more power than any other genre of music he’d experienced: “The songs are filled with more despair, more […]

Friday 5: Reasons to be Happy Today!

Each day is a possibility to re-discover the beauty that rests within life and within yourself. Although life is full of difficulties, it is also overflowing with deep and unbounded joy; joy which you can tap into no matter what your circumstance is. Here are five reasons why you should let that beautiful smile of yours […]

“Mr. Joy” at Lincoln Center

The title character Mr. Joy never appears in the one-man show that bears his name, but his presence is felt by every one of the multiple characters portrayed by Daniel Beaty, the actor and creator of “Mr. Joy.” A Chinese-American and the long-time proprietor of a shoe repair shop in Harlem, Mr. Joy has had […]

Learn from a Writing Virtuoso

Overall, it’s a pretty sweet gig, but there’s one great misfortune about being in college: the lack of time to read for pleasure. Due to mountains of schoolwork, a great book sits half-read and dust covered on my bookshelf. It’s called Telegraph Avenue, and it’s written by Michael Chabon. The novel follows two lovable characters, […]

Celebrate National Poetry Month at Sarah Lawrence College’s 10th Annual Poetry Festival

  Sarah Lawrence College is set to host its 10th Annual Poetry Festival this weekend  from April 12th-14th in Bronxville, New York. The annual three-day reading series, which features undergraduate and MFA poetry students reading their work alongside established poets, is the largest free poetry festival in New York. The April festival is the culmination of months of […]

Want Equal Pay For Women? Raise the Minimum Wage

Today’s post comes from Julie Vogtman.  Julie is Senior Counsel for the Family Economic Security Program at the National Women’s Law Center. She works on a range of issues involving economic support for low-income women and their families, including minimum wage policies, unemployment benefits, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Follow the National Women’s […]