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Friday 5: Comic Relief + A FREE! copy of 7Upper: Writing from Riker’s Island

Need a good laugh? This Tuesday, June 4, you can get your chuckle on at Inside Jokes: A NYWC Benefit Comedy Show at Gotham Comedy Club.  All proceeds support NY Writers Coalition’s Justice Writing Program, which serves writers in New York City prisons and jails and those rebuilding their lives as they re-enter society. The show features […]

The New Majority: Report Documents Diversity in Bicycling

As we bid goodbye to May, we also say farewell to National Bike Month – but New York City’s new bike sharing program is just getting started. And according to a new report released by the Sierra Club and the League of American Bicyclists, the use of bicycles has doubled in the last decade, with […]

NYWC hART beat: A look at the poets and writers of our community

It is time for another installment of NYWC hART beat, a spotlight on one of the talented poets and writers in the NYWC community. May is almost over and I’m going to miss it. Not only because it is the last full month of Spring but, historically, the writing world got a big burst of energy […]

Lemon’s Lesson: Turn Bad Experiences into Art

Have you heard? Coming up on June 4th is the Inside Jokes comedy club event, which benefits the NYWC’s Justice Writing Program (buy your tickets now, it will be an awesome night for a great cause). The Justice Writing Program offers free creative writing classes to men and women in Riker’s Island Jail, as well as recently […]

Laugh Through the Pain

It can be impossible to stop laughing once you get started. Especially if you are laughing at an inappropriate time. When one of the members of our workshop at the 14th street Y told me I had to go on youtube and find this clip of Mary Tyler Moore cracking up at a clown’s funeral, […]

Friday 5: Five Ways to Honor Veterans

This Friday 5 is dedicated to those who have served our country. As we enter Memorial Day weekend, we should all seek ways to honor the veterans that have sacrificed so much to protect our continued freedom and liberty. Below are five easy and affordable ways to honor the veterans in this country not only this […]

Homefulness: A Landless People’s Movement

“Freedom is what we do with what is done to us.” Jean-Paul Sartre Guest blogger Soheil Rezayazdi reminded us several weeks ago that there are more New Yorkers without a home today than at any other moment in recorded history. Soheil and his coalition, United to End Homelessness, are focused on making homelessness a prominent issue in New […]

NYWC hART beat: A look at the poets and writers of our community

April showers bring May flowers. So although last month was National Poetry Month, it is still in full bloom for us at the NY Writers Coalition. Therefore, here on The Narrator, we are giving another nod to one of the writers and poets growing in our own backyard. NYWC has been privileged to have a […]

After the End of the World: Make Your Prediction

Oblivion. After Earth. World War Z. If the latest batch of blockbusters is any indication, 2013 is the year of the apocalypse movie. Although Hollywood has no shortage of apocalyptic visions, predictions for the end of the world have been made since the beginning of the world itself. In recent times, the urge to predict the […]

Give Us Your Tired

Emma Lazarus was a Jewish-American poet/activist whose work is an example of how a poem can immortalize a person, a thought, and a voice. Us being New Yorkers and it being Jewish-American Heritage month, we figured that she makes great inspiration for this week’s prompt. Lazarus kinda/sorta/definitely killed it with her sonnet “The New Colossus“, an excerpt […]