Friday 5: Five Ways to Honor Veterans

This Friday 5 is dedicated to those who have served our country. As we enter Memorial Day weekend, we should all seek ways to honor the veterans that have sacrificed so much to protect our continued freedom and liberty. Below are five easy and affordable ways to honor the veterans in this country not only this weekend, but at any time that you are able to give back to those who have served on our behalf and on behalf of our great nation.



1. Say thanks: A simple thank you goes a long way in letting a veteran know how much their service to our country is valued. If you know a veteran personally, or just happen to pass by a veteran or military personnel on the street, stop and express to them how grateful you are for their sacrifices and service. You can also, use to your advantage, any social network by posting a status or a tweet that shares your gratitude for veterans to all who read it. This way you can remind many people to also express gratitude to our veterans.You can also stop by your local war memorial and say a silent thank you to those who passed away while serving our country. Another great way you can express your thanks to a veteran is by picking up the tab. If you spot a veteran or military personnel in your local Starbucks or restaurant, offer to treat them to their meal or coffee as a way to show your thanks and make those who served our country feel truly valued.


2. Ask a military family or veteran what they need: Instead of giving back to our veterans and military families through a charity or volunteer organization, you can personally lend a helping hand to the veterans by asking them directly what you can do to help them. Perhaps you could run a few errands, bring a bag of groceries to a veteran’s home, or offer to babysit the kids for a night so that they can go out and relax. Simply asking a veteran or military family what you can do to assist them will most likely mean a great deal to them and this is a great way to show your respect for veterans by directly helping those who served our country as well as the brave families who stand by their side.


3. Volunteer or donate for a charity: There are many charities organizations which allow you to honor veterans either through a donation or through volunteer work. Here you can access a comprehensive list of military charity associations in the U.S. Donate what you can with the resources you have to give back to those who have served our nation, and if you don’t have the funds, offer your time by volunteer work. Our veterans will surely appreciate you taking any time possible to offer your assistance and it will feel great to express your gratitude through working beside and for those who have protected our nation.




4. Ask a Veteran about their time in the military: When you ask a veteran about their experiences in the military, really listen to the answer. Expressing interest in the past experiences of a veteran shows that you care about their story and the time that they devoted toward serving our country. Of course, be mindful of sensitive subject matter and avoid asking questions that are inappropriate.



5. Have a discussion with family and friends about the importance of veterans: Sparking up a dialogue with your family and friends about all that our veterans and military members have done to protect the many freedoms that we enjoy daily in this country is very important because it ensures that others remember to honor our veterans. When we discuss with others the importance of those who serve our country, we can instill a reminder in others to also honor the brave men and women who have served our nation. Veterans will more readily receive the respect and honor that they deserve when more people are encouraged and reminded to speak up, lend a hand and express their gratitude for veterans.


  1. Karen Chase says

    This is a great list of ways to honor our veterans. It’s the little things that count. Although it is a simple gesture, I wear Navy Pins to show my appreciation. Thanks for the inspirational post.