Laugh Through the Pain

It can be impossible to stop laughing once you get started. Especially if you are laughing at an inappropriate time.

When one of the members of our workshop at the 14th street Y told me I had to go on youtube and find this clip of Mary Tyler Moore cracking up at a clown’s funeral, I got right to it as soon as I got home. And–you know Mary–she did not disappoint. I love the way she blends laughter and sobs into one weird hybrid of the two.

This clip reminds me of NY Writers Coalition’s upcoming  June 4th comedy show–Inside Jokes–to benefit NYWC’s Justice Writing Program, where we provide free workshops for writers who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. While things around us might be dark, lonely, and depressing, it can be incredibly empowering (and funny) to laugh in the face of it all.

In your writing, recount a time when you or your character was unable to stop laughing. The more inappropriate the setting, the better. Try making yourself laugh as you write / write as you laugh. Then let your story develop from there.