Give a Life Coach a Lesson

Who taught you how to be romantic? Mom? No. Your best friend? Definitely not. Your dating coach? Oh yes. Today is National Dating/Life Coach Appreciation Day, in case you forgot. On this day, we are all asked to remember the tireless work of those oracles of social grace and romance who teach the hopelessly awkward how to find true love. Admit it, you still have the 20 Secrets Men Keep pinned to your bathroom mirror, and you run through your dating guru’s rules before going out with anyone.

I’ve often wondered how well dating coaches handle their own love lives. With all those mantras and techniques for finding Mr. or Ms. Right, they must have romance down to a science…

For today’s prompt, imagine a dating coach going on a date. How do they act? Do they follow the rules they give out to others? Is the date successful?