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Stories We Tell Ourselves

The other night I went to see “Stories We Tell,” a much-praised autobiographical documentary by Canadian actor and filmmaker Sarah Polley. (Stop here if you plan to see it and haven’t already.)

International Day against Homophobia

Today, May 17th, is ‘International Day against Homophobia’.  It is an important day, as raising awareness and stigmatizing the stigma have proven to be valuable tools for advancing gay-rights issues, as well as a number of other social issues. ‘Homophobia’… What does that word actually mean?   We take it to mean ‘afraid of homosexuals’ or […]

Book Review: How the Light Gets In: Writing as a Spiritual Practice

While I believe we should all be able to worship whatever and however we like, I don’t exercise that right in any traditional sense. When I left my parents’ home and went off to college, I stopped going to church, and haven’t really looked back. I don’t feel a void where once was the incessant […]

Hurricane Sandy’s Lingering Threat to the Small Businesses of South Street Seaport

It’s been six months since Hurricane Sandy. New York City and New Jersey were hit hardest and communities are still rebuilding. People are still struggling to get their lives back on track. It has been particularly difficult for small businesses. The South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan, a hub for shops, restaurants, and entertainment, was […]

Sponsor a Young Writer in NYWC’s Summer Writing Program

Each year 40 young people participate in NY Writers Coalition’s six-week series of free outdoor creative writing workshops and in an end-of-summer reading, the Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival. Lit Fest presents well-known, established writers reading alongside the young writers from the workshops. NYWC’s summer writing program for youth honors the power of the written word […]

NYWC Web Premiere: Voices of NY Writers Coalition

NY Writers Coalition has helped unheard voices be heard for over ten years now by way of our city-wide workshops, reading events, and NY Writers Coalition Press publications. This year, we’re happy to dip our toes into another golden pond with our first film, Voices of NY Writers Coalition. Here, a few of NYWC’s dedicated workshop leaders […]


I’ve been thinking a lot about my Grandfather lately. He turns 80 this week–today, actually–and is still married to my Grandmother. He and she have loved each other for a very long time. Much of their life and marriage unfolded via something we don’t really have anymore:  letters. In this texting, tweeting, facebook-ing society, the […]

Tonight, tonight!

We made it! Let’s all give each other a big round of applause for making it to the most important day of the week, Friday. So, how will you be spending your reward for making it through the week in one piece? Worry not, it just so happens NYWC is throwing its Spring Fling! Here’s […]

Give a Life Coach a Lesson

Who taught you how to be romantic? Mom? No. Your best friend? Definitely not. Your dating coach? Oh yes. Today is National Dating/Life Coach Appreciation Day, in case you forgot. On this day, we are all asked to remember the tireless work of those oracles of social grace and romance who teach the hopelessly awkward how […]

Call the House of Prayer

While riding the subway the other day, I encountered a weird little flyer advertising a unique opportunity to be healed in a reverend’s own home. “Are you suffering? Sick? Do you have bad luck? Do you need help?” The flyer asked. “What your eyes see your heart will believe and then your heart will be […]