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Order Up A Character

I don’t know what it is about slices of meat, cheese, and bread that is so delicious, but man, a good deli sandwich is truly something special. Luckily for me, I live in New York, which is basically a deli-lover’s paradise. Although certainly not the most upscale or glamorous of dining options, the humble delicatessen […]

Glow with Pride

Happy Pride Week, beloved Narrators! Especially our LGBTQ readers, who are surely enjoying this week. It always strikes me as odd that people who identify as LGBTQ had to keep their identity under wraps–else be marginalized–for so long. What a shockingly intolerant America we have lived in, and still do. Even so, the LGBTQ rights movement continues […]

Friday 5: Five Ways to Live the Life You Want to Live

Life is extremely short and it is important that we do not squander our days by living a life that does not make us happy. The whole world is at your fingertips: go, find out what makes you feel good inside and what out there allows your heart to fill with love and joy. The […]

Strike a Match

Is there anything more mesmerizing than taking a wooden stick with some crusted stuff on the top, striking it against some kind of weird sandpaper thing, and causing FIRE TO HAPPEN? (No but like…what?) It’s pretty tricky. I was recently introduced to the amazing writing of Nicholson Baker, whose book A Box of Matches profoundly […]

Who’s watching the watcher, and does it matter?

Now that I have the NSA’s attention, I want to spend today’s post debating a few of the major points related to the recent privacy/government surveillance scandals that have hit Washington, Silicon Valley, and everyone who has ever sent an email, made a phone call, or googled ‘Keyboard Cat’.

Education Is Our Right. Or Is It?

Adult literacy is a critical issue in our city, and in our nation. New York City is comprised of immigrants from all over the world. Immigrants are the heart of our city. English may be the primary language, but with more people from other countries, languages such as Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) are […]

Look Through Two Different Lenses

From an early age, I’ve always found photography to be an especially compelling art form. The whole process is just so cool: click a button, let the light in, stick the film in some chemicals, and voilá, you’ve got yourself a picture (well, a negative. Making prints is a bit more complicated). Photos have an amazing […]

Open Up the Suitcase

“Our true genius” said the workshop leader, with love,  “lies in the deep reservoir of our own stories.” I looked around the room. People were nodding and writing this down. I was too busy smiling like a weirdo because one of my dreams had come true. This past weekend, I had the distinct honor of […]

Design your Mind

Conscious Consumerism. Ethical Consumption. Fair Trade. All are powerful ideas. They are goals toward which many of us strive. We intend to make responsible consumer decisions, but we struggle to decipher irresponsible corporations from those we can trust. We work to reduce our carbon footprint but the jungle of global capitalism is difficult to navigate. We […]

Air Out Your Grievances

Most of the time, I’m a pretty open minded, accepting guy. I appreciate the good in people, and I can look past their less-than-perfect qualities. You could even say that I’m a “people person” or that I “work well with others.” All of this is true–as long as you don’t keep me waiting. Then, all […]