Air Out Your Grievances

Most of the time, I’m a pretty open minded, accepting guy. I appreciate the good in people, and I can look past their less-than-perfect qualities. You could even say that I’m a “people person” or that I “work well with others.” All of this is true–as long as you don’t keep me waiting. Then, all bets are off. My patience has been known to run razor thin, and people who interrupt, slow down, or otherwise throw wrenches into my schedule almost always provoke my wrath. For whatever reason, even the mere idea of someone holding me back makes my skin crawl. I’m a nice guy (really!), but if you make me late, my attitude takes a nosedive from pleasant to prickly.

Everyone has pet peeves, and everyone gets annoyed over something. But being annoyed isn’t all bad. Often, irritating things and people make for great humor, the kind that will certainly be on display at the Inside Jokes event happening TONIGHT at 8pm. Haven’t heard about it? Well, not only will you get to see awesome comedy (perhaps even jokes about your pet peeves), but you’ll be supporting a great cause: the NYWC’s creative writing programs for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. So why not blow off some steam with a few laughs?

Before you go, though, get into the right state of mind by using your own pet peeve(s) as inspiration for writing:

Think of something or someone who really annoys you. Channeling all of your unbridled rage and frustration, write a humorous rant about how much irritation that person or thing causes you and why.


  1. I love this prompt, Charbs! One of your best. Also, LOL at the picture.