Glow with Pride

Happy Pride Week, beloved Narrators! Especially our LGBTQ readers, who are surely enjoying this week.

It always strikes me as odd that people who identify as LGBTQ had to keep their identity under wraps–else be marginalized–for so long. What a shockingly intolerant America we have lived in, and still do. Even so, the LGBTQ rights movement continues to grow and make gains, however hard-won they may be.

Why not honor those achievements and celebrate Pride week by listening to some awesome creative writing? Don’t miss the NYWC’s NYC Pride installment of the Writing Aloud Series at the SAGE center tonight at 6:30. It will feature great pieces from a number of LGBTQ writers.

Before you go, dive into some writing yourself with this week’s prompt:

Write about a secret that can finally be uncovered for you or your character. The longer the tension builds as they keep this secret, the better. Then, by the end of your piece, release them from the secret’s shackles.