Invent Inadvertently Funny People

Full disclosure, you guys? I watched the entire first season of Louie in one sitting on Thursday night.  Listen, it isn’t my fault…There’s just something so compelling about that show. No regrets, just questions; I am currently trying to nail down why I so quickly developed a flesh-eating addiction to Louis CK’s surreal, twisted take on New York City. I mean, he makes this place feel like a  dimly-lit abandoned warehouse of creepy, disorienting absurdity…with a serious-face. Somehow.  He explored his brilliantly weird thoughts on the comedy club stage for most of his life as a standup and it certainly paid off.

Oh, that reminds me: our COMEDY SHOW is coming up THIS TUESDAY,  and we’ll all get the chance to hang out in the comedy club, where artists go to be funny and philosophical–artists like the NYWC’s own workshop-leading-comedian, Shaina Feinberg. Delight in getting slightly tipsy (due to 2 drink minimum) and very smiley (due to funny humans speaking on a stage). Unless you are totally square-shaped, we’ll see you at Gotham on Tuesday night from 8-10pm! Join us  for some affordable laughs to benefit writing workshops for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. (Get it? Because if you won’t be there, you’ll be a square…)

This prompt has no lengthy lead-in. Construct a character or group of characters who are absurd and hilarious but whose hilariousness or absurdity is never addressed or recognized. Use your writing to depict funny people and scenarios that have no idea they’re funny people and scenarios.

And also, come to the comedy show. We’d love to see you there.